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BKFA Licence

Membership and Insurance Licence

British Kung Fu Association (BKFA)

The British Kung Fu Association is a membership group for students within the United Kingdom studying and training in the style of Lau Gar Kuen® Kung Fu and / or Kickboxing.  The BKFA logo and the names ‘Lau®’ and ‘Lau Gar Keun®’ are trademarked.  Only clubs and instructors authorised by the BKFA are allowed to use them.

Grandmaster Yau established the British Kung Fu Association in 1972.  He is the lineage holder of the style of Lau Gar Kuen® together with Master Russell and the Lau Gar Kuen® Guardians.  They determine the policies and processes for the high quality teaching of the style in the BKFA’s approved network of clubs throughout the UK.

BKFA Approved Clubs and Instructors
To study Lau Gar Kuen® Kung Fu and / or Kickboxing, choose a BKFA accredited instructor.  The full list of BKFA approved clubs and instructors is available here.  (link to page). 

British Kung Fu Association logo

Joining the BKFA

Everyone who wishes to study and train in Lau Gar Kuen® Kung Fu and Kickboxing must be a member of the British Kung Fu Association.   By joining the BKFA every student will promise to:

Honour and uphold the Lau Gar Kuen® Kung Fu style and not bring the style or the BKFA into disrepute.

Be respectful and courteous to your instructor and fellow members.

Not use your skill for any wrong doing.

Abide with the policies, processes and code of conduct as laid down by the BKFA.

Keep your membership up to date, renewing annually.

BKFA Membership Licence Process
Membership of the BKFA means you are licenced, permitted, to study and train in Lau Gar Kuen®. Your training and gradings will be certified and recognised by the lineage holders of this authentic style of Chinese martial arts.
Approved BKFA Instructors are responsible for ensuring that all their students are members and have an up-to-date licence. Instructors will issue a licence application form to every student annually.  New members must purchase a license and a Grading Record Book.  Renewing members must purchase a License Slip. The Licence slip is inserted into the last page of the Grading Record Book.







The BKFA Grading Record Book contains:
Members Code of Conduct.
Personal Details.
Mandatory Course record.
Official Grading record for Kung Fu.
Official Grading record for Kickboxing.
Additional Training Courses.
BKFA Licence slip (refreshed annually).

Membership Benefits

The benefits to BKFA members are:
A licence, permission, to train in the BKFA syllabus and to undertake gradings
An official Licence and Grading Record book to record gradings and attendance at training courses. Only authorised BKFA Instructors or Examiners are to sign and date each event. 
Member to member insurance cover.

A discounted price for the annual BKFA Summer Course
Reassurance that the BKFA has adequate technical and safety requirements. People wishing to take up the Chinese martial art of Lau Gar Kuen® kung fu and kickboxing have the guarantee that the BKFA meets all of the necessary health and safety standards and that the system, teaching and techniques are of genuine Chinese origin.
Grading within the BKFA
Grades:  White – Brown
Gradings in Lau Gar Kuen® from White Sash through to Brown Sash can only be undertaken and authorised by BKFA qualified Instructors. 

Grades:  Black Sash Degrees 1-6
Thereafter the various levels of Black Sash Gradings will be judged by a panel composed of Grandmaster Yau, Master Russell and up to two nominated Lau Gar Kuen® Guardians.

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