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What is it?
Kickboxing has become one of the most popular Martial Art training methods throughout the UK and worldwide. Kickboxing seems to be very popular amongst people of all ages.

It is an effective system of training methods that get people punching and kicking with some power in a short space of time.

Where does it come from?
Well, kickboxing is a stream lined number of basic techniques taken from a traditional martial art style. It had to come from somewhere and as most traditional martial art styles feature kicking and punching of some kind that is where it is derived from. However kickboxing is a relatively new concept of Martial Art and has only come about in the 1970’s.

Techniques in a nut shell include the following;
Hand Techniques – Jab, Reverse, Hook, Upper Cut and Backfist.
Foot Techiques – Front, Round, Side, Hook, Back, Axe, Spinning and most other kicking variations including jumping.

It is not just the techniques but also the concept in which they are trained.

Kickboxing training consists of line work, pad/bagwork and also sparring.

The kickboxing workout includes some of the following; general exercise, body conditioning, skipping, running and can also incorporate some form of weight training.
An important part of the kickboxing training as any other traditional martial art training is sparring. Sparring teaches you timing, speed and accuracy, the ability to hit a moving target and also to be hit.

There is also a competition aspect for kickboxing which is very popular.
Lau Gar has become famous from the success of its competition fighters and has produced many World Champions.
There are a number of different types of contact, full, light and semi contact (see competition section for definitions). A tournament circuit for Semi and Light contact exists throughout the UK.

Some Lau Gar practitioners have incorporated Kickboxing as an additional part of their Lau Gar Training. 
However over the years some clubs have geared towards the competition aspect and now solely teach just Kickboxing.

Kickboxing is an enjoyable social activity which keeps you fit and healthy.

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