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Chinese Connection


For quite a number of years now Master Yau has been taking students to Foshan, China on study and sightseeing trips. During these visits Lau Gar has been demonstrated to kung fu practitioners of this region. This caused great excitement within the “kung fu fraternity” in Foshan. Coach Xia, a very talented Wushu exponent expressed an interest in learning Lau Gar from Master Yau with a view to teaching in Foshan. After careful consideration Master Yau accepted Coach Xia as his student. 

This is a very exciting time for the British Kung Fu Association as Lau Gar has gone home so to speak. To have a branch from Master Yau’s lineage back in China means that Lau Gar is going “full circle”.

During the visits to China there have been many opportunities for people to study Tai chi from the Chen and Yang methods. Master Yau endorsed this as learning Tai Chi will help to emphasis the softness aspect of kung fu and therefore help Lau Gar practitioners to be more relaxed. Relaxation is important when working on Ging (power generation).

We look forward to building even stronger foundations with the school in Foshan and with Master Yau’s guidance Lau Gar will grow in Foshan.

In early 2007 the British Kung Fu Association made connections with the “Chinese Wushu Association”.  The Chinese Wushu Association, established in September 1958, is a national non-governmental, nonprofit organization based in Beijing. 

Tasks of the wushu association are: 

  • to inherit, study and develop the legacy of Chinese martial arts
  • to promote public activities and interests in martial arts
  • to conduct research programs
  • to assist working out and approve rules on martial arts performance and competitions
  • to select elite athletes and evaluate coaches and judges
  • to organize martial arts competition on a national scale
  • to conduct international exchanges and cooperation

The connection between the BKFA and the Chinese Wushu Association will help to establish Lau Gar on an International scale, particularly with the prospect of the Lau Gar branch in Foshan.

As our connections build in China there will be many opportunities for collaboration of the various organisations.

With the Olympics looming in 2008, it is now time to show Lau Gar as the driving force for quality and professionalism within the UK.

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