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Guardian Challenge 2007 Report

Lau Gar

Guardian Challenge 2007 – 10 hour Taijiathon

Only the brave turned up
On Sunday 24th June people came from far and wide to join in the ‘Tai Chi-athon’, this year’s Guardian Challenge. 43 Kung Fu and Tai Chi students from all across Britain travelled to Codsall, near Stafford in the Midlands to participate in the gruelling challenge of 10 hours of Tai Chi.

Several Lau Gar Guardians and Master Yau led classes throughout the day, following a tough schedule.

The event started at 8 o’clock in the morning with warm up exercises led by Pete Hornby and then Morag Quirk took the students through the 8 Brocades.

Next, Master Yau taught a class on Tai Chi stepping and a standing 8 qigong exercise. This session was followed by John Russell teaching the students the standard 8 step Tai Chi form, then the 16 step. Afterwards the tough timetable continued with Pete Hornby doing a session on Tai Chi ball exercises. Next Steven Burton led the students through the old frame Chen style 18 step form. Following this, the students participated in a session of Tai Chi pushing hands, then the 24 step of standard Tai Chi form was taught.

After all these different sessions the students refreshed the forms again, repeating them so they could remember them all! By this point the challenge was nearing its end.

The students took part in a short session of the 42 step standard Tai Chi form then finished off with a special qigong exercise called Spring Forest taught by Steven Burton.

Thanks to all the people who sponsored the participants, we have raised almost £1500 for the Lau Gar Trust.

Master Yau and the Lau Gar Guardians express their thanks to all helped organise the event and all who took part and acknowledge their accomplishment, they did it and earned the T- shirt. Well done to all.

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