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General Enquiries 

For all general enquiries including; Website, Licence enquires and Guardian correspondence please email: bkfa@hotmail.co.uk
We welcome any enquiries, however you may find the answer to your question on this website. 

BKFA Child Protection and Safeguarding Officer Information

For more information on the BKFA’s Policy and Procedures regarding safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, please contact the BKFA’s Child Protection & Safeguarding Officer, Alec Clark:
email: alecclark@hotmail.com or t.0750 800 7624

BKFA Licence 

For all license enquiries please email: bkfa@hotmail.co.uk 
Please allow for up to 2 weeks for your licence to arrive.
Apply for your license here: BKFA Licence Application

How to contact Us

Please email: bkfa@hotmail.co.uk 

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The British Kung Fu Association is a member of the BCCMA whom are the only official Governing Body for Chinese Martial Arts in the UK Recognised by the Sports Council (UK), European Wushu Federation & International Wushu Federation

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