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Competition Rules

Competition Rules
Full, Light & Semi Contact
For a comprehensive set of rules for full, light and semi contact, please visit:
Note: The rules listed are base guidelines however may differ slightly for BKFA tournaments.

Chi Sau Rules
Vision: A competition of skill rather than aggression taking place in a spirit of sportsmanship
Below are the Chi Sau Rules applicable to a BKFA Competition.

1. All participants must be over 16 and be sponsored by their Senior Instructor or nominee.
2. All participants must have undertaken some training in sticking or pushing hands methodology.
3. No entries will be allowed on the day.
4. All participants must hold a Black Sash rank.
5. All participants must be familiar with the rules.

A Mandarin suit must be worn
No visible protective equipment will be worn.

Match Governance
1. There will be one controlling referee and three judges.
2. The referee will regulate the contest and enforce the rules.
3. The contest will take place on a matted area not less than 6 meters square.
4. A person capable of rendering first aid must be in attendance.
5. Contests start with contact between participant's wrists.
6. The referee may stop and restart the match as needed.
7. Physical contact between participants must be maintained at all times, excepting in the use of projections or throws.
8. All techniques must be executed with the opponent's safety in mind.
9. The contest will last no more than three minutes, but no less than 2 minutes.

The Decision
1. Judges must decide in favour of one of the participants.
2. When only two judges are available the referee will act as the third judge in the event of a tie.
3. Defensive-minded participants will not be penalized.
4. Decisions should go to the participant with the superior skill, not the participant with the most flamboyant technique. (Example: a participant who falls over when attempting a sweep is not displaying good skill, a  participant who is pulled to the ground when attempting a throw is likewise deficient in skill or judgement.)

Warnings will be given for
1. Deliberately retreating out of the contest area.
2. Deliberately breaking contact with the opponent (moving out of contact range).
3. Poorly controlled technique even if it does not make contact.
4. Showing disrespect to the officials, opponent or spectators.

Disqualification will result from
1. The accumulation of three warnings.
2. The single use or attempted use of a technique that the referee considers to be dangerous to either, or both contestants.
3. Arguing with the match officials. (This may also disqualify participants from future events.)

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