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Chin Na

Chin Na or Qinna is a term describing techniques used in the Chinese martial arts that control, lock or break an opponents joints or muscles/tendons so he cannot move, thus neutralizing their fighting ability. 

Chin means to seize or trap, na means to lock or break and while those actions are very often executed in that order (trap then lock), the two actions can also be performed distinctly in training and self defence. 

There is quite a bit of overlap between Chin Na theory and technique with the branches of traditional Chinese medicine. 

Within Lau Gar forms there are a wealth of techniques which lend themselves to Chin Na applications. The knife defence has numerous Chin Na applications, however the forms need to be studied and broken down to really appreciate the vast array of methods. 

Chin Na methods give the ability to lock any joint from the wrists, elbows, shoulders, etc. right through to finger locks and neck restraints.

All methods should have a Yin or Yang element to them. For example most people see Chin Na techniques as "just a joint lock". This is far from the truth. A manipulation of a joint for restraining purposes would be classed as a "Yin - Yielding" however the "Yang" aspect of the technique would be destruction of the joint either through dislocation or a break. 

The important factor with Chin Na is that a lock should never be pre planned, what is needed is the ability to "stick to and read" the attacker's limbs and therefore you will have a Chin Na application for whatever is presented to you. 

Lau Gar itself is designed to be very direct and smash through whatever is in its way. But as with all arts there are tools for any occasion with the system. Chin Na being one of them. 

When you extract the Chin Na applications form the forms they can also be used as an "entry method" for follow up strikes. That is to say that to hit the body we must first get passed whatever limb is heading our way i.e. their fist, foot, etc. We can either block or manipulate the joint or limb to allow us access to the targets we would like to hit. Therefore Chin Na can help to achieve our goals. 

Lau Gar Chin Na teaches correct body mechanics so that the techniques can be implemented efficiently whilst keeping you in a safe position out of "the attacker's line of fire". 

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