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Guardians - Introduction

The Lau Gar Guardians
The Guardians are appointed by the Head of the Lau Gar style, Grandmaster Jeremy Yau.
Their mission is to support, represent, promote and develop the style of Lau Gar Kung Fu as it is taught within the British Kung Fu Association for the benefit of current and future generations of students.

Guardian Initiatives
The Guardians are responsible for raising the profile of Lau Gar by:

  • Establishing a Centre of excellence
  • Seeking opportunities to demonstrate the highest standards of public performance
  • Developing and implementing a market strategy
  • Maintaining a website suitable for the 21st Century
  • Developing internal and external communication systems
  • Establishing Lau Gar as leaders in the market place for DVDs and Chinese Martial Arts equipment

Our objective is to improve standards within the style by:

  • Securing accreditation of a new coaching course by a recognised national body
  • Ensuring the technical skill and competence of potential instructors through set criteria
  • Ensuring coaching competence through participation in the coaching course
  • Producing DVDs covering the whole syllabus plus additional training material

The Lau Gar Trust Fund
The Guardians will identify ways of raising funds and establishing a programme of sustained income. This will be held in the Lau Gar Trust Fund for the creation and running of a centre that befits a large, national, martial arts group. 
As the fund is held on behalf of members of the British Kung Fu Association, the Guardians have adopted a constitution to provide fundamental governance principles for running and managing the Lau Gar Trust fund with professional integrity in the best interests of all members of the Association.

The British Kung Fu Association Board
President - Master Jeremy Yau
Chairperson - Morag Quirk
Vice Chairman - John Russell
Treasurer - Stewart Hunt
Secretary - Peter Hornby
Officer - Andrew Nation
Officer – Alan Neeld 

The BKFA Board oversees all operations of the teams within the Guardian structure.

Teams, Roles & Responsibilities

License Applications
Pete Hornby

Marketing Team
Marketing Director - Rash Patel
Marketing Consultant - Peter Hornby 
Article Reporters/Editors - All - Please submit to Rash Patel, Nathan Beer or John Russell for publication.
BKFA Website - Team - Rash Patel, Nathan Beer, Carl Syres

Legal, Policies & Legislation
John Russell, Master Yau

Events Organisers
Peter Hornby, Stewart Hunt

Group Merchandise
- Sue Yau
DVDs - Keith Thomas

Recruitment & Human Resource
Master Yau, John Russell

Competition Development Team
Project Leaders - Robert Francis
Advisors - Rajko Dokic, Sean Veira, Sharon Gill, Brian Nelson

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