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Chi Kung

The spiritual development is brought about by Chi Kung training. In a basic form Chi Kung consists of standing in certain positions while using breathing and visualisation to increase and channel chi energy around the body. 


What is Chi Kung?
Chi Kung is an exercise system from China that combines stillness, or gentle movement, with calm regular breathing. Although there are many different styles of chi kung, movements themselves are usually easy to learn. The challenge comes from coordinating these with the correct way of breathing. 

When this is achieved, the body's natural energy is circulated far more efficiently than would normally be the case. With daily practice, therefore, chi kung can strengthen the overall state of health and increase resistance to illness. Each move works all of the body with some moves especially beneficial for specific parts of the body. The principles are the same as Tai Chi so doing Chi Kung will improve the hand form as well as pushing hands exercises. Chi Kung has the same advantage as Tai Chi in that it is so multifaceted. If you want to ignore the energy aspects of it you can just attribute it to respiration. Chi Kung will improve your Tai Chi but also the classes help people relax. Tai Chi and Chi Kung are complimentary so neither class undermines the other.

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