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Health and Fitness
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Health and Fitness

What is Health And Fitness?

We can safely say or assume that being healthy can be described as being free from illness, infection and stress. This is true but how can we ensure that we remain in balance?

One can also assume that having a good level of fitness is indicative to being flexible, strong and having reasonable stamina levels.

Does being healthy also mean being fit?  Or vice versa.


If the two are to be co-related then a balance must take place, here a few examples of health and fitness indicators.


  • Balanced diet
  • Non smoking
  • Regular exercise
  • Stress free
  • Weight control
  • Normal blood pressure


  •  Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Stamina
  • Low fat levels
  • Free from injury
  • Frequency of training

A way of knowing if you’re healthy would be a check up with your local GP as the following can be measured; blood pressure, weight [Body mass index], resting heart rate and respiratory levels.

Going to your local gym or personal trainer is a good place to start if you want your fitness measured e.g. sit and reach test for flexibility, standing jump for leg power, treadmill test for stamina and calipers to measure body fat.

The FIVE 'S' of training:

  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Suppleness
  • Skill

The FIT Principle:

  • Frequency
  • Intensity
  • Time

Exercising regularly is important; the FIT Principle and the Five S approach works ideally and is something to think about when training and to get the best results.

Using the FIVE S system will ensure you cover all aspects of your Kung Fu training and the FIT Principle will give you an idea of how to have a balanced and thought out regular pattern of training.

Frequency = how often you exercise, Intensity = how many repetitions and Time = how long you train.

Kung Fu is an excellent way of training most if not all of the aforementioned as you get an overall training affect through the various exercises and routines be it stance work, sparring and sets/forms training.

A well balanced and thought out program of training is essential, always seek advice and guidance from your instructor if training at home.

A positive relationship must exist between health and fitness as this will ensure tremendous quality of life and long term benefits i.e. Low risk of heart disease, Stress free and body weight controlled.

Find the right balanced diet for you and try to avoid fads as this can often have a negative affect on weight control or what is known in the health and fitness industry as the ` Yoyo affect `.

Seek advice and treatment for over use injuries as this will ensure correct healing and the ability to continue exercising again.
Enjoy your training and look to change your exercise regime regularly to avoid boredom and complacency.

Jason Crabtree -  Lau Gar Guardian

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