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Competition - Pushing Hands

Chi Sau / Pushing hands Explained

This category is only open to Black sash students. The fighters are not required to wear any protective equipment and the fighting is continuous as in light contact. The difference between this category and light contact is that the judges do not only score on points but also the successful deployment of a large variety of techniques.

What is pushing hands? 

Pushing Hands is an exercise performed by two people who are attempting to improve their Lau Gar Kung Fu skills. 
Practicing pushing hands teaches one to remain balanced, focused and relaxed while in physical contact with another human being. This is not as easy as it may sound, being in contact with another person who is moving is a difficult task.
Attainment of this level of ability opens the door to a higher level of martial skill.

Pushing Hands can be described in the following way Two people face each other at arms distance, both with the same foot forward. The forward hand of each participant is raised to approximately chest height with the palm facing in, and the back of the hand lightly touching the same part of the other person’s hand. The rear hand (the hand corresponding to the rear foot) is placed gently on the elbow of the other player's lead elbow, so that both players are in an equal starting position. Feet should be comfortably placed so that each person feels balanced and stable from the start.

To initiate the exercise, each person cooperatively moves his or her arms, waist and legs in a circular pattern for three rotations, after which the significant aspect of the drill begins. After the third rotation, each player attempts to remain in light contact with the other person's arms while at the same time remaining in perfect balance. A loss of balance can be detected by observing the feet of each person. A person who is pushed or pulled off balance will usually stumble out of his or her stable position and have to reset his or her stance to resume play. 

Students are permitted to put their hands on the other's body to attempt to unbalance him or her, while at the same time following certain guidelines established at the start. Examples of such guidelines might include keeping the feet in place, not using brute force to unbalance the other player, not grabbing the other person with both hands at one time and not losing contact with the other person throughout the exercise.

Pushing Hands provides Lau Gar Kung Fu practitioners with a format to test and improve upon their relaxation, flexibility, timing, balance, poise and numerous other qualities while in contact with another person. Push Hands also provides a gentle way to "compete" with other Lau Gar Kung Fu practitioners without the risk of injury. There are many variations of this exercise, each with its own particular benefits.

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