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6th Degree Grading Results 2009

Early this year a further 3 Guardians took their examination for their 6th Degree Black sash in Birmingham under Master Yau.

Congratulations to Stewart Hunt, Carl Jones and Jason Crabtree for all passing their grading.

Stewart Hunt – 6th Degree
Stewart’s form was based on the 5 Animals, Tiger, Crane, Snake, Dragon and Leopard.

Stewart has particularly incorporated many ging aspects that suit the animals and various movements.

The form, as well as being very practical in application is very visual and makes an excellent demonstration piece.
Stewart first began his training in early 1976 and is based in Barnsley, Central North England.

Carl Jones – 6th Degree
Carl Jones form was based on various Lau Gar techniques which featured finger strikes, single knuckle strikes and various Chin-Na techniques. 
The form was built around techniques that Carl 
likes to use, he wanted to the form to be fast and dynamic.

Carl Jones first began his training in 1975 and is based in Swansea, South Wales.

Jason Crabtree – 6th Degree
Jason form creation was based mainly on the Tiger, a particular favourite of Jason’s.

The form consists of many key element leg/arm techniques including various throws, take downs and Chin-Na techniques. Jason commented that his grading was a very enjoyable experience and has inspired him to create more forms, not just empty hands but weapons also.

Over the years, Carl and Jason have put together various sets which include the; Broadsword, Butterfly Knives and Butterfly Knives against Spear.

Jason states achieving 6th Degree is not the end it is just the beginning, training for your 6th Degree opens your mind to new possibilities.

Jason Crabtree first began his training in 1977 and is based in the South & West Wales.


6th Degree Grading Results 2008 
Derby Lau Gar Guardian Clive Thompson was presented with his sixth degree certificate and sash by Master Yau at the BKFA national championships in October.

Clive, who at 44 is the youngest holder of a sixth degree in the BKFA, said he was “incredibly proud and honoured” to be given his award.

“This is a dream come true for me,” he said. “It makes all the years of practise and effort worthwhile.  And if this helps to encourage students of Lau Gar to stick with our martial art, then that really would be the icing on the cake.”

And Derby students are not lacking role models, as Clive is the second instructor to achieve the sixth degree, following club instructor Rajko Dokic’s earlier success.

Everyone who takes the sixth degree examination is expected to demonstrate techniques with spear and kwan dao, and also create their own empty hand set. Clive used the standard five animals set as the basis of his own creative routine, focussing mainly on the dragon and on attacking and counter-attack techniques. 
On Saturday 9th March, Senior Instructor and Lau Gar Guardian Peter Hornby, took an examination for his 6th Degree Black Sash at a Guardian training weekend in Lilleshall.

The examination was taken by Master Jeremy Yau on Saturday afternoon.
When announcing Pete's result to fellow Guardian's, Master Yau stated ‘the grading is judged on Martial Art Merit alone regardless of contribution to the association’.
Congratulations to Pete Hornby for passing his 6th Degree.

Pete is delighted with his result and has worked hard for many years towards his 6th Degree.
To achieve your 6th Degree, you are required to create a set of movements incorporating the characteristics of Lau Gar. The set can be either open handed or using a weapon or students may create both.

Pete Hornby is based in Stafford and teaches in the surrounding areas.
Pete has been training for many years under the guidance of Master Yau and John Russell and has selflessly contributed to Lau Gar and the Association.

Pete now joins a handful of other senior instructors that hold the grade of ‘6th Degree Black Sash’, they are Andrew Nation, Graham Abdulla, Keith Thomas, Morag Quirk and Raiko Dokic.

There is only one person to have achieved the level of ‘7th Degree’ and that is John Russell, this is the highest grade ever awarded to date.

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