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Lau Gar Courses and Events 2016

Following valuable feedback from our students, all courses and workshops have undergone re-evaluation and extensive re-planning.

We intend to bring you more exciting content in a format that you the student and instructor have requested.
We are always open to feedback, so please report to Master Russell or any Guardian to what you would like to see and do more of.
We intend to publicise the content/schdule of each course or workshop, so please check the calendar section for a full description (includes Brown Sash Courses).


Guardian Challenge June 2016


Will be taking place this month (June 2016) at BKFA Schools across the UK.

This years’ Guardian Challenge was devised by Master John Russell and the Birmingham Black Sash Class. Taking part in the challenge will not only benefit your Kung Fu, you will also be raising money for charity by getting sponsorship. All money raised will go to the Lau Gar Trust Charity, which works to promote and improve the learning of Lau Gar.

For more information please visit the Guardian Challenge page from the Guardian Zone or Guardian Challenge News link on the homepage.


The Black Sash Master Class 2016

Is currently being re-planned and content for the course will be publicised soon.


Summercourse 2016 is nearly upon us!

July 24th - 30th 2016
Llandudno Wales

If you haven’t registered or booked your accommodation we recommend you do so ASAP!

Also if you want your free T-shirt then all applications forms must be completed with payment and received by no later than the 1st July!

Be prepared to be inspired and train hard!
See you there.

Summer Course 2016 Schedule

Theme: Training Body, Energy and Mind

Chi Kung (primarily in the morning)
Yin Yang Boxing part 2
Dual Man Form Routine
Chinna: Short routines.
Leg routine
Syllabus work
Hand conditioning
Applications drawn from the sets - Grand Master Yau
Combined walking techniques
Body conditioning (Keith's routine)
Makka Ho
Meditation (Standing, Sitting)


Previous Revised Event -

Black Sash Workshop 2016

10th April 2016 - 10am - 4pm
West Walsall E-ACT Academy, Primley Avenue, Walsall. WS2 9UA

Master Russell has reviewed the format of previous years and re-planned the workshop with new features and objectives.
In particular by the end of the workshop you:

• will be able to perform the set(s) worked on with accuracy, fluency and conviction - leading to an improved grading result.
• have an increased understanding of the usage of the techniques comprising the set(s).
This will be achieved by
• Drilling sequences of techniques extracted from the set(s) being worked on
• Learning applications of those techniques
• Observing demonstrations of techniques by the Masters
• Having Group and individual feedback from the Masters.
This workshop is designed to have a positive impact on all aspects
of your Lau Gar training. 


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