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Summer Course 2011 Report

Summer Course 2011 – Llandudno North Wales


What a great Summer Course, as usual led by Master Yau and ably assisted by Sifu John Russell and other Guardians. The 35th anniversary of the annual training course was a fantastic learning experience for the group of students who had gathered together in Llandudno, North Wales from all parts of the UK and Ireland and even one student flying in all the way from Poland, Simon Camm.

The course had everything, lots of learning, great teaching and hard training inspired by the enthusiasm and drive of many dedicated students.

Each course seems to get better, with students coming back year after year. It was also pleasing to see that there was a very strong female representation of over 20%.

The daily 4 hour training sessions in the Sports Hall comprised of:
Warm up exercises
New form
Lau Gar syllabus
Kicking combinations
Traditional Shaolin stamping exercise

The special theme of the week was the teaching of the new form which had been developed by John to assist students to understand the key techniques of Lau Gar and the bases for developing the powers. As students practiced the techniques they were given insight into effective applications and encouraged to experiment in self-learning.

Students were given an option for the early morning 1 hour training session of either running up, down and around the Great Orme or practising Tai Chi. The Tai Chi students were taught the Chen Style 11 Form by Sifu Pete Hornby, supplemented by lots of stance training.

On top of all the training, students & friends from the Stafford club organised a very enjoyable barbeque that included a special 35th anniversary cake which Master Yau had great delight in cutting.

The event was held at the local Bodafon Farm, an ideal location where the staff were extremely friendly and helpful in feeding the ‘flock’.

Pictured chief Chef, Ben Lewis (left) ably assisted by Paul Sabin (right). (picture)
After such a tough but satisfying week, students and instructors alike were eager to relax with a drink or two and talk about their experiences on the Friday evening in a local hotel. Many new friendships were made over the week and mobile numbers and e mail addresses were exchanged enthusiastically.

 This photo shows the group proudly displaying their special course t-shirt designed by Rash Patel.

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