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Guardian Challenge 2006 Report

Well done to the 12 brave, determined members who successfully completed the Guardian
Challenge 2006. This year’s challenge was to take part in the Wyre Forest Half Marathon.

The course consists of 13.1 miles of “Undulating” terrain. For those that don’t run regularly this actually means running up and down hills.

Even though the weather was kinder than in the past (not the usual 35 °C), instead of baking
heat, we endured treacherous muddy, uneven, downhill stretches. In other words (Morag’s
words) it was a great course, a true challenge worthy of our members.

Congratulations to the following:
Andy Phillips 1 hour 38 minutes
Barry Cain 1 hour 46 minutes
Chris Lowry 1 hour 57 minutes
John Russell 2 hours 28 minutes
Kevin Hughes 1 hour 55 minutes
Lucy Nation 2 hours 4 minutes
Luke Morgan 2 hours 9 minutes
Michael Fowler 1 hour 56 minutes
Morag Quirk 2 hours 17 minutes
Paul Nation 1 hour 59 minutes
Paul Sabin 1 hour 28 minutes
Shane Holland 1 hour 42 minutes

The team wish to thank their sponsors for their generosity in supporting their participation in
this event. We will let you know when we have totalled up the amount raised. All proceeds go
the Guardian Trust.

Thanks are also due to Peter and Olwen Hornby, Mr Eccles Senior, Katie and Sophie Phillips
for their support on the day.

A special congratulation to Paul Sabin who came in with the fastest time for the group.
Unfortunately, Morag was again beaten by an exceptionally fast 81 year old man (and so was
anyone with a time greater than 2 hours 1 minute).

Morag did not better her target time of 2 hours but is determined to try again next year when
she intends to use the 82 year old as a pacemaker.

At this point Morag wishes to mention her bad knee which had severely curtailed her training
schedule. She only managed to run at all because of the excellent herbal treatment provide
by Keith Thomas www.chinesehealtharts.co.uk

The event was, as always, well organised, with friendly, encouraging marshals. Our thanks to
event’s organisers the Amazing Feet RC www.amazingfeet.co.uk


Guardian Challenge 2007
Next years’ challenge will be made by John Russell. It will consist of 10 hours of Taiji and Jam
Jong training. Members will be able to train for 5-10 hours for just £10. It will most likely take
place on Sunday 24th June at a venue in the West Midlands.

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