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BKFA Nationals 2015 Report & Results

British Kung Fu Association Open National Championships 2015

A great day where competitors came together from across the UK to battle it out for the title of National Champion!

Pictures from the days event can be found on the Official Lau Gar Facebook Page.

Report By Peter Hornby

Very early in the morning, the organising team set out to get the sports hall ready at West Walsall E-ACT Academy for the 2015 BKFA National Competition. The crowd grew and an air of expectation filled the hall. Being able to see the trophies in the room gave inspiration to the competitors as they waited and prepared for their categories to be announced.

There were many opportunities for all levels of students and genders to compete in categories for fighting or forms.
Chief Referee, Rajko Dokic, ensured all the referees and coaches had been briefed on the rules.

Competitors, coaches and spectators travelled from far and wide including: Ireland, Scotland, Wales and many parts of England.

The fighting kicked off with the children’s categories and immediately the noise level rose with family and friends voicing their support for their fighter and generating great excitement. The standard was impressive and the winners coming from Bristol, Longbridge, CSKC, Dorset, Oswestry, Stafford, Chester, PMA, Boyne Valley, Derby, Codsall, Edinburgh, Gloucester, Birmingham, Northants, Temple Dragon, Nuneaton and Milton Keynes.
As each category completed, the winners were presented with their trophies by Grand Master Yau.

In the Children’s Forms section the competitors showed off their skills and the triumphant winner was Sophie Powell from Staffordshire Lau Gar.

At midday, the Lau Gar Guardians continued with their tradition of holding a short seminar which was free for all to try out. This year’s seminar was provided by Master John Russell and covered aspects of internal training and generating whole body power.

Both the Men’s Individual Points and Continuous categories were keenly contested with Rao Kolbaba, Jordan Francis and Joe Watkins winning in each of the Points categories and Jordan Francis, Shane Blackburn and Kyle Gerrard winners in the

Continuous categories.
Ishana Moores from Bristol fought brilliantly to win the Ladies Points category.

Before the Team and Adult Forms categories commenced, the audience settled down to give a warm welcome to this year’s demonstration from Staffordshire’s Youngsters Lau Gar Team.

The Staffordshire Lau Gar Clubs answered the Lau Gar Guardians’ call to showcase young under 16 talent within our clubs at this year’s event. The demonstration team from Stafford, Codsall Cannock and Stone comprised: Ronan Quinn, Jay Kallay,

Sophie Powell, Cara White, Ella Walls, Annabel Bird and James Snow. They swallowed their nerves and thrilled the appreciative crowd with an array of Lau Gar Weapons and hand forms and self-defence knife and stick two man routines. "The potential shown by the Team is immense," said Chief Instructor, Pete Hornby. "I feel the future of Lau Gar is safe in the hands of such dedicated students."

Every successful event relies on masses of support in its planning, organising and running so Grand Master Yau would like to thank the following whose contribution enabled the smooth, efficient and effective organisation for all competitors and spectators to enjoy, apologies if anyone has been missed:-

Referees: Rajko Dokic (Chief), Robert Francis, Chris Collymore, Neville Palmer, Brian Nelson, Sean Viera, Alec Clark, Jim Cairns, Keith Baptiste, Brian Roberts, Carl Jones, Clive Thompson
Timekeepers & Scorers: Jane Gratton, Holly Cook, Kay Clark, Rob Oldham, Amy Roe, Martina & Steve Walls, Dave Powell
Registration Table: Dave Fletcher, Richard Jordan and Lee Jakeman
Reception: Riona Grainger and Olwen Hornby First Aid: Martin & Team
Photography: Aimee Seymour Seminar: Master John Russell
Audio: Alec Clark and Alan Smewing DVD Sales: Morag Quirk
Organisers: Robert Francis and Pete Hornby Promotion: Rash Patel
Accommodation & Facilities: Helen Harris, West Walsall E-Act Academy

Please put 30th October 2016 in your diary as we are already planning next years’ event.
Look out for the results and photos appearing on the web site www.laugar-kungfu.com Both Grand Master Yau and I truly hope this year’s event has been enjoyed by all and continues to inspire further involvement and participation in future Championships.
We look forward to welcoming you all again next year.



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