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BKFA Open Championships 2008

BKFA Open Championships 2008 - Derby

One hundred trophies by the age of 20 is impressive.
And the prize was even sweeter for Michael Dempsey when he won the Senior Over 75kg category at the Derby (British Kung Fu Association) Open Tournament in June.
His victory was the crowning glory in a clutch of seven trophies won by Michael and his team mates from Corby Lau Gar kung fu club.

Club coach Alex Barrowman put the club’s success down to putting the hours, not just in training but in travelling to tournaments, gaining vital experience  for the team.
“We do a lot of training on timing and distance, using a lot of focus mitt routines,” he said.“ So, in our light contact routines on the pads, we’ll be working on jabs, upper cuts and back leg power kicks.
“For semi-contact we use the same approach, but with long-range punching, jumping kicks and foot work evasion.”

But the tournament had more to offer spectators than great sparring action.  A diverse set pattern competition included displays in everything from the tai chi sword to the seven-foot ‘rat tail’ pole.  And by the end of the day, the hall was ringing to the sound of drums, gongs and cymbals as Derby hosted its first open lion dance competition.

Tournament organiser Rajko Dokic was delighted with the event, which is held every year to raise funds for the Lau Gar Trust , which has the long term aim of developing a centre of excellence for the BKFA.  Rajko was particularly pleased to announce Michael’s impressive achievement, and reckons it’s pretty easy to spot a winner in the making.
“A winner is usually the one who keeps turning up,” he said.  “They’re always there, through the cold times, the hot times, and through all the injuries.  That’s the one who’s going to be good.”

Lorraine Gwinnutt
Derby Lau Gar Kung Fu Club 

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