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Summer Course 2015 Report


By John Russell
This year’s Summer course was held in Llandudno.

The course was organised around the concept that the ‘whole body is the fist’, a way of saying that what ever we strike with the whole body should be involved generating the necessary power. Emphasis was also placed on becoming consciously aware of our root, our connection with the earth, without which we would have no foundation on which to manifest our power. Likewise emphasis was placed on being aware of how our body moves so that we could accomplish actions in the most efficient way possible (for us as individuals) and with a good posture capable of supporting the forces experienced by our bodies as a result of our intentions.

A routine, subsequently named Lau Gar Yum Yearng Kuen, (Yin-Yang Boxing) was used to facilitate these understandings and was further developed through dual person practice (Andrew Nation), walking routines (Keith Thomas), kicking routines (Andrew Nation) and early morning exercises (Peter Hornby)

By Andrew Nation
This year John asked me to lead a section of the training that linked to the theme of ‘whole body power’ that he was teaching. I tried to apply this to practical applications in some self defence scenarios.

The students were given drills to practice that focused on the basic positioning and movements that could be used to respond to various angles and directions of attack that they may need to counter.

The emphasis of the drills were to apply a manoeuvre that could be performed with a variety of different defensive and counter attacking techniques to respond a variety of attacks.

The idea was that a particular body movement could deliver power in a number of specific techniques that could be selected by the student according to their preference, skill or target area. At the same time this movement could facilitate the blocking or avoidance of the incoming attack.

Students were encouraged to focus on the body movement and posture primarily in order to understand how the whole body from the feet up should be integrated to provide power to the techniques selected.

This concept was reinforced with students practicing their chosen strikes on pads in order to gain feedback on their ability to apply power.

In order to make the concept memorable I paraphrased Master Yau’s concept of the 3 T’s (I’m sure we are all familiar with these, Tactics, Timing and Technique) by using 3 P’s. These were Positioning, Posture and Power.

As the week went on I added to these P’s to make people think about the principles (another P). By the end of the week the students were coming up with their own.

These are all the P’s I can think of, I am sure there were probably more.

Principles   Positioning    Posture Power   Pace 
Penetration  Practicality  Physics Physiology    Psychology
 Pain  Perception  Perfection    

 And of course most importantly PRACTICE.

By Peter Hornby
The students who chose the early morning training session led by Guardian, Pete Hornby, were taken through some very specific exercises and techniques carefully chosen by Pete to further enhance their capability to generate greater power for more effective whole body striking or blocking. This knowledge and skill linked in extremely well with the main theme of the week.

By Morag Quirk
Keith Thomas delighted everyone with his low and high walking techniques. We were required to maintain full body and mind integration and perfect all of the ‘P’s, especially practice.

The Summer Course 2016 will be the 40th Summer Course. Look out for more information on how we will be marking this special occasion with celebrations and hard work.


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